Recording Artist   ---   Songwriter   ---   Performer 

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Work For Hire
Michelle Freelances in many styles including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Hawaiian, Improvisational, and Ambient.  

Michelle is available to perform for events of all kinds! 

Weddings --- Private Gatherings --- Yoga Classes --- Corporate Events --- Studio Session Musician --- Orchestra Harpist --- etc. 

Service Highlights 

  • Electric and Acoustic Performance Options 
  • Harp Solo
  • Harp and Voice
  • Song Writing and Arranging Services 


Harp Lessons   ---   Creativity Lessons 
Michelle is available to teach harp lessons/creativity lessons to beginners-intermediate level. 

Her method of teaching is geared toward the teenage - adult student who is interested in finding, exploring, and expanding their creative side. 
The harp is the main tool she uses to help her students find their self expression through music. 
Michelle's teaching method is grounded in proper harp technique, but her focus is to help the student find their voice with the instrument.

"I have a passion for improvising and feeling free and connected with the music I play, and I want to share this passion with you to help you find your own musical voice."

Rose Pedal Harp