Rose Pedal Harp 


Michelle layers many aspects of human emotion in her songs. Her songs speak to the struggles of our inner-selves. 

Michelle's musical journey is a testament to finding purpose in life. Coming from a classically trained background on the harp, Michelle always knew she wanted to be a musician. But, finding her place in the music world and combining her love for the harp and her love for songwriting, singing and creating has been a journey all it's own. 

Though Michelle grew up playing classical music, she grew up listening to music more along the lines of classic rock. She takes to her diverse musical roots by combining elements of classical, psychedelic rock, alternative pop, improvisational with a bit of jazz in her songs. 

Michelle feels at home when she is in her home studio, writing, playing, singing, experimenting, and recording. 

Michelle is currently working on her Debut Self-Produced EP. Subscribe to her mailing list on her new website and follow her on social media to stay in the know!

Michelle Rose Tucker Bio