Michelle Rose is a musician and songwriter of depth and maturity. Her arrangements combine elements of psychedelic rock, classical, alternative, improvisational with a bit of jazz, and her vocals add a unique flare.  Michelle’s instrument of choice is the harp which she has played since she was 10 years old.  The harp is a prominent feature in Michelle's music, which gives her compositions an ethereal feeling.  

    She spent her formative years in private harp lessons and as a solo freelance player. She later earned a degree in Harp Performance.  The first few years after graduating, she took her classical experience out into the world and traveled around the United States, subbing for orchestras and freelancing.  Michelle is competent in classical forms of music and familiar with performing in a recital setting, but her calling as a musician has led her to view her musical aspirations differently.  Michelle felt the pull to combine her love for creativity, improvising, songwriting and singing to find her own voice.      

    Michelle feels at home when she is in her studio, writing, playing, singing, experimenting, and recording.  Her technical skills and ear for music give her the freedom to explore a vast landscape of creative possibilities.    

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