Meet the new harp / guitar duo, Michelle Rose & Brandon Jean, located on Oahu, Hawaii. 


The duo is anything but ordinary, combining electric guitar and electric harp with singing from both the players dispersed throughout a set.  Their music is also just as unique while played acoustically.

The duo performs in many styles including Improvisational, Avant Garde, World, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Hawaiian, Contemporary, as well as a mix of Originals written by Brandon and Michelle.  

Be assured, these musicians love integrating their own style into any genre they play.  You'll be sure to hear them improvising on just about any song!

Given the versatility of Brandon and Michelle's playing, they are fit to perform for any occasion, including concerts, weddings and other private events, corporate events, restaurant gigs, etc. 

Contact today to book this 'up and coming' duo for your next event!

Rose Pedal Harp