Rose Pedal Harp 


What are your rates for weddings and playing gigs by the hour? 

Harp and Guitar Duo Rate

$425 First Hour / Wedding Ceremony Package

$200 Each Additional Hour (any additional time after that is pro-rated using the $200 rate)
Harp Solo Rate 

$325 First Hour / Wedding Ceremony Package 

$150 Each Additional Hour (any additional time after that is pro-rated using the $150 rate) 

What genres of music do you play? 

  • We play a wide variety of music including Classical, Jazz, Hawaiian, Rock, Contemporary, Improvisational, World, Avant Garde and our own Original compositions.

Do you have a way to amplify your music?  

  • As well as acoustic performance, we provide electric performance for Harp/Guitar, Harp Solo, Harp/Guitar/Voice, and Harp/Voice.
  • We will provide our own amplification.  
  • We will need access to a power outlet.

*Contact your venue to see if electric performance is an option at your location! 

What other services do you offer? 

  • We write our own song arrangements!  If you have any special requests not already in our repertoire, we will write an arrangement for $20 per song.
  • We write our own originals!  Would you like a song that is personal and totally yours?  For $200, we will write an Original Song just for you!  Contact today for more details!
  • As well as playing Instrumentally, we can add Vocals to Harp/Guitar duo or Solo Harp. (additional costs may apply) 
  • We use backing tracks for some of our song arrangements, usually for electric performances.  The backing track is a professional quality drum/bass combo that gives our music a fuller sound and adds that additional unique flair to our music. We can easily accommodate your preference!

Do you have a travel fee?

  • We are based out of Kailua.  For anything over 20 miles away, a travel fee rate of $25 (harp solo) $50 (harp/guitar) will apply.

What are the steps to take after we contact you to use your services? 

  • We will schedule a phone call with you where we discuss a few details.  The call should last about 10-15 mins.  
  • After our phone call, we will draw up your Contract and email it to you along with an Invoice for the total price.
  • Please print and fill out the Contract.  You can then scan the Contract back to us at
  • You can either Pay Online following the directions of the invoice or Pay by Check and send to the address provided in the contract.  

What information do we need to provide on the contract? 

  • The contract will outline your event request.  It will have fill in the blank sections for basic event details.  It will have fill in the blank sections for song selections you choose.  It will also ask you to sign your name and date at the end of the contract. 

Do you have a cancellation policy? 

  • In the case of an emergency cancellation before the day of the event, we will refund you half the total price.

Wedding Specific Questions :

What is your Wedding Ceremony Package?
15-20 mins of Pre-Service music for guests to arrive
1 song for Bridal Party Processional 
1 song for Bride's Entrance
1 song for Unity (Candle, Pouring of Sand, etc.) 
1 song for Recessional 
Post-Service music until guests have exited the area  

Do you play for Cocktail Parties and Wedding Receptions?
Yes! We will provide a nice set list of music, giving your event an elegant, unique, and relaxing atmosphere.  

Are there any additional requirements/rates for outdoor/beach weddings?

  • We require that you provide a TENTED/SHADED AREA and COVERED LEVEL SURFACE for all outdoor locations.
  • Depending on loading distance and terrain like boats, piers, rocks, beach, water, etc. there might be a difference in price from our regular rate.  Contact us about this option and for further details!

How does your Hourly Rate work when we hire you for the Ceremony and Cocktail Hour (and/or) Reception? 

  • If hired for both the Ceremony and Cocktail Hour (and/or) Reception at the same location, the rate will be ‘First Hour Rate’ for the Ceremony and the ‘Additional Hour Rate’ when the Cocktail and/or Reception starts.